Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey there Guys!

It's my Birthday tonight and I decided to finally post again! It's nothing Special but I hope you guys like it either way.
The Jeans I'm wearing in this Post are made by Doctor Aho (DROT) He is not sure if he's going to release them yet, but as soon as he ISN'T afk (like always) I'll try to convince him to put them up for Sale! I believe they're pretty damn awesome :P
I will try to do some more Posts next week but for now, I'll go sleep to celebrate my 22nd Birthday in the morning ! See you all!

Style Card:

Jeans: *DROT* - Drot*_BlackJeans

Jacket: *ARAI* - Stadium Jumper

Facepaint: [Hell Naw] - Warpaint  [Hardly visible but it's there!]

Skin: [ DNA ] - .::.:DAMIEN:.::.

Gloves: TonkTastic - Fingerless Gloves

Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] - SlipOn - Male Prints (Scripted)

Ears: AITUI - Stretched Ears - Human

Hair:  *DROT* - The Jordan

Glasses: Reek - Park Shades

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  1. Nice blog i put you in the blogroll of my blog (!